Patty Kirsten Paul

I am a writer and graduate student living in New York City.

Currently, I major in Critical Childhood & Youth Studies, focusing on various aspects of different Children’s Media. I am especially interested in illustrated and animated narratives, coming-of-age stories, and the theme of escapism. I have previously examined and analyzed the Children’s Book Publishing Industry and I am now exploring Children’s Television & Film. I hope that these inquiries will open discussion about the content that is presented to children, media creators, distributors, and inclusive representation.

While children have agency, they are virtually absent from every level of creating their media, despite being the target demographic. Children should be encouraged to create their own works of art to share with the world and be given the chance to safely participate in these processes.

Illustration and animation are too often dismissed as “low-brow” narratives undeserving of equal pay, employment, and attention. The world needs artists and my goal is to posit art as a worthy means of therapeutic escape and storytelling for children and adults alike. Ultimately, through my studies, I hope to dismantle the stigmas about illustrated narratives and see more creators utilizing these severely underrated mediums.

Graphic novels are taking children’s books by storm, and I hope that narratives can be combined with illustration and animation as more than didactic, youth, or adult comedy works. This content is valuable and beloved, but generic acceptance that these are the limitations of comics and animated tv & film blocks the potential for affect that cannot otherwise be achieved in traditional formats.

More access to artistic opportunities = more generations of artists = more artistic creations = more work for artistic creators = more content that challenges what traditional books, television, and film can currently do.

Miss Moody Lilac

I go by the pseudonym Moody on my blog Miss Moody Lilac. I candidly detail experiences about my depression and anxiety, graduate school, and equity. Amongst the occasional reading recommendations and cat photos are unfiltered accounts of my genuine human experiences. Whether mundane or chaotic, my thoughts are published with a dedication to authenticity in a stream-of-conscious format. It is my hope to develop a compelling voice through my blog as it continues to grow over time. Through Moody’s vulnerability, I’d love to help others with similar feelings know that they are not alone, the same way other bloggers have helped me feel seen in the past.

Some other topics of interest that I cover are vegetarianism, TNR and cat rescue, race relations, travel, cosplay, musical concerts, and beauty.

Patsy Haze

Visual art is not my primary expressive medium, but I occasionally post doodles under PatsyHaze or PHaze. Just for fun.

Graphics and photography will now be posted under Patsy Haze, as well.

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